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Virtual Depictions:San Francisco published on new Japanese edition of Generative Design ―Processingで切り拓く、デザインの新たな地平 大型本 !

Art and Machine Learning Symposium

Today I shared the stage with many genius minds especially from Google, mostly focused on explorations at the intersection of Art and Machine Intelligence with ‪#‎DeepDream‬. I used this opportunity to share my personal artistic journey combined with our studio’s recent projects. Thanks to everyone who was there to support and share their wonderful thoughts! Thanks to Gray Area Art + Technology and Research at Google for hosting such an inspiring event!


The Clock

There’s no beginning, there’s no end. It starts when you enter the space and it stops when you leave. But, you become part of this experience because your schedule, your life, the next meeting you have will somehow be influenced by, or it will become part of, this narrative. You become an actor in a way of this film. –Christian Marclay



”Visual experience seems continuous. One reason is that we move continuously. A deeper explanation is that our “expectations” usually interact smoothly with our perceptions. Suppose you were to leave a room, close the door, turn to reopen it, and find an entirely different room. You would be shocked. The sense of change would be hardly less striking if the world suddenly changed before your eyes.’

A Framework for Representing Knowledge
Marvin Minsky,MIT-AI Laboratory Memo 306, June, 1974.

Marvin Minsky

When we move about a room, the shapes of things change. How can these changes be anticipated, or compensated, without complete reprocessing? The results of eye and head rotation are simple: things move in the visual field but keep their shapes; but changing place causes large shape changes that depend both on angle and on distance relations between the object and observer. The problem is particularly important for fast-moving animals because a model of the scene must be built up from different, partially analyzed views. Perhaps the need to do this, even in a relatively primitive fashion, was a major evolutionary stimulus to develop frame-systems, and later, other symbolic mechanisms.

A Framework for Representing Knowledge
Marvin Minsky
MIT-AI Laboratory Memo 306, June, 1974.

Infinity Room on Vimeo Staff Picks!


Flying around studio neighborhood.


2015 – 2016

Dear friends, 2015 was an immense year! Never thought having such a diverse activities around the physical/virtual worlds with lots of beautiful people. Fantastic artist talks at Resonate and NODE festivals, screenings of our life-changing LA Phil collaboration Amerique’s recognition at Ars Electronica and SIGGRAPH, a dream, a permanent public art work, Virtual Depictions:SF and it’s unveiling with mayor Ed Lee, teaching brilliantly talented minds for two quarters at UCLA DMA, upcoming collaboration with legendary Herbie Hancock, Infinity Room’s unexpectedly wide audience reach around the world, it’s debut in Istanbul Light Festival and in USA at Day For Night Fest, being a part of 12 exhibitions in total and many others… Thanks to everybody who made this happen and wishing every single friend, collaborator, partner, institution a wonderful new year as well!

Working on the Documentation

4K RENDER_02428

Unveiling of ‘Virtual Depictions:San Fracisco’





Mayor Ed LEE ve Willie Brown